Why Counting Calories May Not Be That Healthy?

why counting calories does not make you any healthier 2

Let’s discuss the ever-annoying calorie counting.  In theory, when you count calories and do not over-eat, you should be healthy and without excess weight, belly fat and such. So if they say an average man should consume around 2000 calories and a woman 1600-1800, it should be that simple to be healthy? Yet let us showcase how this could be…

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Living Vino is now located at 42 Vasil Petriashvili Street

⚡️ Living Vino is excited to inform that we have moved to 42 Vasil Petriashvili Street & re-opened on the 18th February ❣️ We’ve joined forces with LOKAL, Tbilisi’s premier co-working and co-living space for Tbilisi’s digital nomad community.  From 18th February onwards, we are serving our delicious vegan food and natural wine at 42 Vasil Petriashvili Street with…

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Fasting & Lents: Health Benefits & What To Eat


Fasting is a willful abstinence from eating. Sounds easy. In this article we are going to discuss health benefits (if any), intermittent and religious fasting (lent). Let’s answer the questions of what is fasting, when to fast, what to eat and whether it is healthy at all.  Fasting In general, fasting refers to a person who have completely digested…

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Introducing Healthy Meal Plans

meal plans at Living Vino

Living Vino offers to take care of your nutrition by means of weekly meal plans. They are designed by our certified nutrition coach and executed by our experienced chefs.  We all want to be healthier. Evidently, going plant-based is ultimately the best thing you can do for your health, immunity and well-being. And we want to help you achieve…

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Detox, Fitness & Weight-loss Menus

Detox, fitness and weight-loss menus by Living Vino

Living Vino introduces sample menus you can use for your weight management goals, fitness or detox.  Weight Loss If you have a goal to lose some weight, we’d recommend Green Salad made with organic lettuce, small tofu bites, grilled pear and French dressing. Minimum calories, but quite satisfying with protein-rich tofu & sweet pear. In between meals you may…

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Introducing Recipe Boxes

recipe boxes

Living Vino offers recipe boxes, so you can cook healthy and nutritious meals at home with ease. Our packs include fresh organic ingredients that are coming from local farms and ready-to-cook frozen items like falafels and burger patties.  Benefits: You enjoy cooking with our simple instructions and create your own delicious lunches and dinners. You save time as our…

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Introducing Living Vino Club

Living Vino Club

It is definitely time to welcome all our beloved guests and customers to Living Vino Club. It’s an inclusive wine club, free to join and all you need to do is just to sign up with your email. You can do it below this announcement post, or click here for the Club page. We welcome all vegans, vegetarians, reducetarians…

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Introducing Vegan Goodie Bags by Living Vino

Vegan Goodie Bags

Living Vino presents our monthly Vegan Goodie Bag! This month it includes:  1 x hummus with veggie sticks 1 x falafels with fragrant sauce 1 x crunchy Georgian salad with French dressing 2 x American style bagels 1 x sweet hummus  1 x bottle of natural red or white wine Perfect for picnics, a small get together or a…

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Sunday Lunch 09th August

mushroom wellington - vegan

Sunday Lunch, a chance to chill with friends, gather regularly with your family and enjoy a hearty and satisfying meal before the start of the new week. Whatever your reason for choosing to enjoy lunch on a Sunday, you should always make it nutritious and healthy! Going plant-based ensures exactly that! Here at Living Vino we are now offering…

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Wine Tasting Flights Launch

wine tasting flights launch - free bruschetta offer

New! Living Vino Wine Tasting Flights. ახალი! ცოცხალი ღვინო სადეგუსტაციო ღვინის სეტები. Новинка! Винные дегустационные сеты. Launch Offer! Come visit us on the 31st July from 6pm onwards and get a free organic & artisanal Bruschetta (with hummus, tomato, grilled tofu, avocado and homemade basil pesto) with every flight. Wine stories included:) What are our wine tasting fights? You…

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