Mindful Eating & Drinking: How To Improve Our Life & Health

mindful drinking

The problem with mindlessness Mindless eating is a huge problem. It causes overeating and obesity, consumption of unhealthy processed junk foods, and ultimately results in many lifestyle diseases.  The fundamental problem for our lack of balance with regards to food and eating is that we’ve forgotten how to be present as we eat. We eat mindlessly.  We are busy…

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Wine School courses – July 2020

wine courses - Tbilisi wine school

We are delighted to announce that after our first successful Beginner Wine course conducted on the 26th June, we at Living Vino decided to set up dates for July courses. Please read more information below and on our Wine School page. Similar Beginner Wine Course is scheduled for the 23rd July at 7pm at our natural wine bar. The…

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Wine Tasting Event: Say No to Sulphites in Wine

wine tasting event - sulphite free wine

Living Vino presents our first natural wine bar event. And as we feel very strongly against using sulphur in winemaking we’d like to showcase no sulphites added wine paired to a taster board of our popular healthy dishes. Come this Friday, 19th June from 7pm to 10pm and try our vegan Caesar salad, eggplant roll and a cauliflower medallion…

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Gotsa Family Winery: organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking close to Tbilisi

Gotsa wines wine blog

Introducing Gotsa Family Winery The Georgian kings used to have their favourite wines vinified in the ancient winemaking region of Kiketi in Georgia. So it is fitting that we are celebrating wines made from the Gotsa Family Winery, which is located just 30 minutes from Tbilisi. The Gotsadze family have been making natural wine for 4 generations. Originally from…

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Wine School: Wine Tasting At Home

wine tasting at home

We all love wine tasting experiences. Going out to visit winemakers, check out their vineyards or winery – these are all exciting, social and pleasant ways to enjoy life. What if it is not possible for now? Can we learn more about good wine at home? Sure thing you can and we at Living Vino have prepared this short but…

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Provenance of Food and Wine

high quality farmers produce

(in English / по-русски ниже) In this short blog article, we would like to discuss such an important thing as the provenance of food and wine. And by provenance, we mean the whole chain of events that happened before it appeared on our tables. Provenance describes how our food was grown, processed, marketed, transported, distributed and sold to all…

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