Meatless Day? Fasting? Veggie Challenge? Easy!

Living Vino offers healthy vegan food and plant-based grocery items for your immunity and health. If you are vegan, vegetarian, looking for fasting dishes or simply want to go meatless for a day – we’ve got plenty of delicious meals for you. Taking a veggie challenge is easy with our plant-based burgers! 

Vegan Burgers

The easiest way how to introduce meatless days is to go for our vegan burgers. We offer California-inspired Zen Burger made with mushroom-seitan burger patty, it will remind you your typical burger for sure! Want to go lighter? Opt for our Tofu Burger.

We serve them with a small house salad, zucchini fries and an extra creamy vegan dipping sauce. You definitely should try our vegan burgers, they are a lot healthier and so delicious! Have we mentioned we are using artisanal potato burger buns?

And you can also make our burgers at home! Our healthy vegan Grocery items include frozen Burger patties, our Burger sauce and more!

We are live on Wolt, BOLT Food app and Glovo.

bolt foodIf you live further than 5km from us, these options might not be available, but feat not!

Order direct. You can order directly from us (we deliver to any address in Tbilisi) – simply visit our Store, choose healthy vegan food, browse offers and we will aim to dispatch it within 30 minutes.

Living Vino shop

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Here are some more of our substantial plant-based whole food meals so you won’t have any meat cravings:

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