Vegano Mexicano: Kartuli Fusion

🌮 Vegano Mexicano 🌮 – Kartuli Fusion 🇬🇪🇲🇽

This weekend – 4-5 March – Living Vino brings you a tasty fusion of Mexican and Georgian flavours in our super popular Vegano Mexicano.

🌮 Expect Mexican spices and tacos, Georgian tarragon mushrooms, salsa verde with jon joli, our greenest guacamole & much more!
And of course we will offer Margaritas, Corona beer and spicy Michelada 🍹🌶️ 

  • 3 Sopes with refried beans, salsa verde and our greenest guacamole
  • 3 Tacos (corn, hard shell) with tarragon mushrooms, pico and chipotle mayo
  • Lobio Quesadilla with salsa verde (refried beans, corn and vegan cheese)
  • Mushroom Burrito (tarragon mushrooms, refried beans, rice, pico, salsa verde, chipotle mayo)
mushroom burrito

Are you excited to try our new quesadilla, sopes, tacos and burrito 🌯? Join us this weekend and enjoy!

Book a table at 🌿Living Vino: plant-based restaurant & bar 🍷 by 574 07 68 09