About Living Vino

Living Vino: Healthy Vegan Restaurant & Natural Wine Bar

Living Vino is a plant-based restaurant & natural wine bar in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Why We Do What We Do?


Living Vino is a plant-based restaurant and a natural wine bar in Tbilisi, Georgia


We’ve opened our doors on the 19th March 2020, approximately a week before the first covid lockdown. We are a restaurant that really has never seen any normality. But who says anything about being normal? Afterall, offering vegan food and not selling any factory wines isn’t really normal or usual for a business, isn’t it? 


Living Vino has been established by two friends from Ukraine who are experts in the world of natural and organic wine, digital marketing and finance. To form an initial team, they have enlisted help of a hospitality expert from the UK who has helped to ensure the highest possible service standards. Living Vino’s Team is truly passionate about quality plant-based cooking and offering a friendly service with a smile.


Living Vino believes in the importance of food and wine provenance.

Awareness of where your food and drinks are coming from is important for us. Being mindful about personal health and wellbeing, the wider environment and our planet is key.

Well-balanced and thought-through plant-based lifestyle, or call it vegan, is a solution to a healthy, happy and harmonious you, your family and the society.

Hence Living Vino takes a very close look at the nutritional value of our dishes, so they are providing enough protein and fibre to our guests and customers. Yes, you can get all necessary nutrients from plants! We focus on Mediterranean – inspired dishes that are healthy (well, most of them), made of whole foods and are wine-friendly.

Living Vino’s wine expert who holds the highest level WSET Diploma (UK) carefully handpicks the most expressive natural wines made by Georgian artisans without harmful additives and excessive sulphites. We invite you to enjoy natural wines and love your mornings after.      


Whilst we obviously do not have all the answers to the most important questions regarding healthy lifestyle (yes, we google things too), we are delighted to hear a very positive feedback from our guests and customers. Most of them confirm that they feel better and more energized with our menu items. Many are truly surprised how tasty are our plant-based dishes made without any meat or animal produce whatsoever! You don’t miss out on that, you gain lots of health benefits indeed. On top of that, natural wine drinkers report the ease they feel the next morning (you can forget the hangovers, really) and how tasty and expressive these natural wines are. 


We continue developing exciting plant-based recipes, so you can enjoy nutritious food that nurtures you again and again. Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ones in the world, so we strive to bring those delicious flavours for you. Our wine expert continues to go above and beyond in selecting the most expressive natural wines, so you can enjoy Georgian wines as nature intended.

By doing that we aim to provide a healthier food & drink regimen for you, but also offer sustainable partnerships to local organic growers and natural winemakers who are all working so hard. Afterall, words are not enough and, as we all vote by our money, we’d like you to join us. Support health, kindness and fair provenance of food and wine!

Thank you

Please enjoy delicious dishes, nutritionally balanced and full of plant-based goodness. Yes, you can get all necessary nutrients, protein and fibre from plants!

Our creative and imaginative menu consists of tasty everyday dishes like hummus, falafel and burgers, but also delicious show-stopping dishes like gnocchi, truffled tagliatelle pasta, bourguignon and Wellington.

On top of that, our UK certified wine expert carefully handpicked a large selection of natural wines by the glass with some really amazing exclusive wines by the bottle too. Drink wines with no nasties or excessive sulphites and love your mornings after!

Visit us for a service with a friendly smile and good wine knowledge.

Living Vino’s location is at 56 Lado Asatiani Street in Sololaki, Tbilisi ❤️. Leisurely, it will take you only 9 minutes to get to us from Liberty Square ☮️.

🍷 We are open 12:00 noon until 10pm (with kitchen closing at 9:30pm) for lunch, dinner, drinks and bar appetizers 🌿

We recommend to book a table for a larger group, you can do it easily via our website.  

Our plant-based food is kind, very tasty and good for you. We use organic and sustainable ingredients. 

We run our events, tasting sessions and wine school to offer a fuller experience, to invoke sensations of curiosity and appreciation. Being inspired, you become engaged to the world. It may fill you with a deeper meaning and, ultimately, you feel like a human, again and again.

Our focus is on natural wine with the tasty variety of plant-based starters, appetizers, salads, bowls, pastas and desserts. 

We offer vegan lunches and dinners with some amazing natural wines from small artisanal producers. Strictly no industrial wines. We have tried thousands of wines in order to select just a few dozen of the most exciting winemakers producing low intervention wines. Check out our natural wine list. Strictly no or low levels of sulphites, no flavour adjustments and minimal residual sugars.

Imagine, you can drink your wine without excessive sulphites or other nasties, as nature intended? 

May we suggest some natural wines for you? Visit our wine shop to take a few bottles home. We store all our wines correctly, using professional wine fridges, so these fragile natural wines are sure to be in the best possible condition.

We also offer a unique opportunity to learn more about wine at our wine school. It is presented by the United Kingdom’s certified wine educator and done by the highest standards of International Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). Check out our wine school courses.

Talking about our team, we are Ukrainian and Georgian experts in wine, hospitality, marketing and retail. Our combined 50+ years of experience is a story that we tell through Living Vino.

We value kindness and the provenance of wine and food. 

We advocate reducing consumption of animal-derived foods. It is beneficial for you, others and the whole world. Read more about food and wine provenance and why it is important here.  

Living Vino cannot wait to welcome and serve you with our delicious and humble natural wines paired to healthy and vibrant vegan food. If you take care of your health and love natural wine, we’d be delighted to meet you.  

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