Beyond Meat Burger is here

Beyond Meat Burger

Worldwide famous burger patties have reached us here at Living Vino in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Beyond Meat patties contain no gluten, no soy, fully vegan and made with pea protein.

🍔 This American burger has been carefully crafted with their proprietary blend of spices that are amazing in the grill – ‘meaty’ and smoky!

We invite you to try it even its price has a meaty bite too. Its flavour is worth it!

🍔 Beyond Meat burger patty contains pea protein, rice protein and enriched with vitamins B3, B12, B6 and calcium.

We craft these burgers with lettuce, tomato, housemade cucumber and onion pickles, our exclusive burger sauce and artisanal potato burger bun. Enjoy at Living Vino in Sololaki or via 

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Dare we say, you can even invite a meat-eater to try, these burgers are just so juicy and so good! Enjoy