Why Counting Calories May Not Be That Healthy?

why counting calories does not make you any healthier 2

Let’s discuss the ever-annoying calorie counting. 

In theory, when you count calories and do not over-eat, you should be healthy and without excess weight, belly fat and such. So if they say an average man should consume around 2000 calories and a woman 1600-1800, it should be that simple to be healthy?

Yet let us showcase how this could be very wrong.

A portion of French fries can set you back 333 calories, 200g of chocolate chip cookies – 976 calories, 2 bread rolls – 620 calories and a pint of pale ale – 210 calories. And now you’re done for a day. 

What’s even worse, all these meals are devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever! You just consume empty calories that transform into fat.

So you can count these calories as much as you want, but it won’t make you any healthier. 

What’s the solution?


You can forget about the stressful calorie-counting when you eat plant-based whole foods. 

The rules are simple:

  • Forget about ultra-processed, full of refined sugar & white flour products.
  • When you choose good quality vegetables, leafy greens, legumes and some fruit, you can eat as much as you want. Make sure you eat variety of healthy veg, so you get enough fiber and protein!
  • Don’t stress out, allow yourself some ‘cheat’ days when you indulge in that amazing carrot cake or chocolate brownie
  • Drink plenty of water & be active!

That’s it! 

As you can see, instead of being concerned about the quantity (calories), think about quality of your food, the flavors of fresh local produce, the amazing nutrients that they provide to you and the overall happiness & well being.

Quality of organic veggies, fresh and crunchy leafy greens, juicy fruit, delicious beans and lentils is what you need. Not quantity. 

The world’s Blue Zones are characterized by the best diets that exist – focusing on plant-based whole foods like Mediterranean, but also strong relationships, sense of community and low stress levels. 

It is just so exciting to be able to provide our guests and customers with just that – quality vegan food for health-conscious people. 

This is why we also decided to join forces with LOKAL, a superb co-working and co-living space for Tbilisi’s digital nomad community. 

Start eating better! 

We at Living Vino have developed useful guides:

We also have created Recipe Boxes so you can create delicious meal at home with our frozen groceries, vegan sauces, dressings, legumes and organic veggies.

We make it easier for busy busy people to eat better by offering our ‘Healthy Week’ Meal Plans, so be it Detox & Cleansing or Fitness & Protein, we’d help you to get better nutrition without any effort at all.

And of course life isn’t just about planning. Let’s be spontaneous, listen to our bodies and enjoy delicious food. You can order our healthy dishes, vegan not-so-guilty pleasures and even desserts here at LivingVino.com, we deliver anywhere in Tbilisi. 

Some of it is also available via major delivery apps like BOLT Food, Wolt and Glovo, so you can find us there. 

Finally, if you’d want to come over and dine-in, takeaway or simply get to our vegan restaurant at 42 Vasil Petriashvili Street (it is in between Vera and upper Vake) for a chat, we are so looking forward to seeing you here!