‘Healthy Week’ Meal Plans

Living Vino offers a new Meal Plan service for your healthy week. 

Going plant-based is ultimately the best thing you can do for your health, immunity & well-being. Living Vino is here to help with our healthy meal plans

You know what plant-based whole foods lifestyle does? It helps to reverse lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, reduces the risk of heart disease and promotes gut health just to name the most important ones.

Sign up today and you will get 6 days worth of lunches and dinners delivered to your address in Tbilisi every 2 days.

Our healthy meal plans are developed by certified nutrition coach with a view of complete and balanced nutrition & executed by Living Vino experienced vegan chefs.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are delivery days (lunch time). The meals for these days will arrive warm, so you can eat it straightaway! Simply warm up your next day meals, no cooking required. Sunday is your cheat day, no stress!

There are two meal plans on offer – Fitness & Protein, Detox & Cleansing:

  • Fitness & Protein Meal Plan, developed with your fitness goals in mind, so to ensure enough of high-quality protein. 
  • Detox & Cleansing Meal Plan, developed to help you detoxify and cleanse your boxy, lose some weight along the way.

We use organic and natural ingredients, non-invasive cooking methods and strictly no refined foodstuffs. 

If you are vegan, vegetarian, fasting or simply want to try going meatless for almost a week and choose healthier options, you can find lots of appetizers, delicious salads, nutritious bowls, satisfying mains in our Meal Plans. We’ve added a cheeky dessert on Saturday too!

Our plans start each Monday.

Price includes 10% discount and FREE delivery to any address in Tbilisi. So you will save time, effort and money with our healthy meal plans. If you have joined our Living Vino Club, you have got a voucher code for 10% off, do not forget to use it!

Here is an example of the meals you’re going to get:


Fitness & Protein Plan

Detox & Cleansing Plan



Muscle Bowl + Seitan Caesar Salad

Skinny Lentils Bowl + Georgian Salad



Cold Soup + Lobio

Miso Soup  + Hummus



Protein Bowl + Red Berry Smoothie

Detox Bowl + Green Smoothie



Miso Soup + Hummus

Cold Soup + Italian Panzanella Salad



Falafel & Georgian Salad + Green Smoothie

Falafel & Georgian Salad + Lobio + Kale Smoothie



Large Cauliflower Wings & Lobio Fusion 

Skinny Lentils Bowl + Red Berry Smoothie



French Lentil Bowl + Hummus

Mushroom Caesar Salad + Hiyashi Seaweed Salad



Seitan Fingers & Mexican Salad + Brownie

Omega Quinoa Bowl + Green Smoothie



Neatballs Puttanesca Zoodles

Greek Kale Salad + Lentils Soup



Muscle Bowl + Seitan Caesar Salad

Detox Bowl + Mexican Salad + Kombucha



Falafel Fusion + Red Berry Smoothie + Lobio

Muscle Bowl + Falafel Fusion



Protein Bowl + Brownie

3 Cauliflower Wings & Lobio Fusion + Green Smoothie  + Brownie

Sign up for a meal plan and choose a start date!

NB: When placing an order, please add any allergy information we need to know about in the comments. Thank you!

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