M7 – Peaceful Wines ☮️🍷

M7 Peaceful Wine

We’ve been selling M7 Peaceful Muscat 2019 until it was quickly sold out last year. This year we are delighted to have a full range of M7 natural wines: Muscat, Mtsvane, Khikhvi and a very rare Mtsvivani.

First things first, this creatively named brand M7 isn’t a secret service of some sort, but if you read this in Georgian, M7 will sound like ‘Peaceful’. Isn’t it great?

For M7 founder, similarly as to Living Vino co-founders the word ‘peaceful’ isn’t some sort of a dream, it is a necessity. We are both coming from two countries, Georgia and Ukraine, which are unlucky to have a very aggressive neighbour. We at Living Vino truly hope that the occupation of Georgian territories and Ukrainian Crimea will stop and the attacks made by Russian-led forces in the East of Ukraine will cease. It is just heartbreaking that a peaceful citizen dies everyday overthere. 😭 We live in 2020s in a modern civilised world and these atrocities should stop. 

So yes, we love M7 brand which shares our values of peace ☮️ and makes such wonderful natural wines 🍷. These Kakhetian wines are super delicious, made with minimal intervention, but also clean, our and without excessive sulphites, using wild yeasts only. Highly recommended to try!

Mtsvane 2020 is a dry amber wine with an apple flavour explosion, citrussy fresh and with some stone fruit smoothness.

Muscat 2020 is a dry light-bodied red wine: intensely perfumed blend of floral, rose and rose hip aromas & flavours.

Khikhvi 2020 is a dry amber wine. It is such a Kakhetian gem with its rich bouquet of peaches, apricots, floral notes and hay.

Mtsvivani 2020 is a dry amber wine: very small production of this rare grape, punchy with a delicious kick of stone fruit.

Living Vino is open and we welcome you to our healthy vegan restaurant & natural wine bar. Enjoy these natural wines on our terrace or a beautiful summer bar with a garden.

You can order these amazing natural wines directly from us via LivingVino.com/shop -> simply pay for your order with any card to get it delivered or to pay for a takeaway. 

You can also order them via WOLT for delivery (or choose takeaway) on our restaurant page. 


M7 Peaceful Wine

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