6 Myths of Natural Wines

6 myths of natural wines

Running a natural wine bar, we at Living Vino get so many eye-opening reviews from our guests who have tried natural wine for the first time. Many first-timers could not believe how tasty are these natural wines and how light and energetic they felt the morning after! But of course we get a lot of questions whether wines with…

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3 Easy Ways How To Choose Good Wine

Living Vino is a natural wine bar and we simply want you to drink good wine.  Today we are not discussing the reasons why to choose natural wines. You can check out our blog and find out more what are those natural wines exactly. We’ve also made a point about how natural are Georgian wines. In our wine school…

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M7 – Peaceful Wines ☮️🍷

M7 Peaceful Wine

We’ve been selling M7 Peaceful Muscat 2019 until it was quickly sold out last year. This year we are delighted to have a full range of M7 natural wines: Muscat, Mtsvane, Khikhvi and a very rare Mtsvivani. First things first, this creatively named brand M7 isn’t a secret service of some sort, but if you read this in Georgian,…

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Are Your Wines Vegan?

Are your vines vegan?

🍷 You probably think we are kidding! But no, there are vegan wines and those not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Yes we do know wine is a fermented juice of freshly picked grapes. Technically all wines should be vegan, right? Not true though! Wines can be fined or filtered using animal-derived materials.  Winemaking process involves filtration and fining…

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Wine School: Wine Tasting At Home

wine tasting at home

We all love wine tasting experiences. Going out to visit winemakers, check out their vineyards or winery – these are all exciting, social and pleasant ways to enjoy life. What if it is not possible for now? Can we learn more about good wine at home? Sure thing you can and we at Living Vino have prepared this short but…

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Provenance of Food and Wine

high quality farmers produce

(in English / по-русски ниже) In this short blog article, we would like to discuss such an important thing as the provenance of food and wine. And by provenance, we mean the whole chain of events that happened before it appeared on our tables. Provenance describes how our food was grown, processed, marketed, transported, distributed and sold to all…

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Wine School: What is Qvevri or Kvevri?

decorative qvevri at Baia's Wine

What is Qvevri and what does it do to wine? Wines made from qvevri are becoming more mainstream and in demand all over the world. They offer a very unique tradition that dates back centuries from the country of Georgia. But what exactly is qvevri and why does it produce wine in the way that it does? What is…

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