Living Vino is 2 Years Old Today!

Living Vino 2 years old birthday

Yes, we’ve opened our doors in Tbilisi just a week before the first covid lockdown. You can say we’ve never seen the old normal. But we did not join the majority of the restaurants which close in the first year, and now we have successfully reached our second year milestone. It wouldn’t be possible without our incredible Team, the most amazing guests & customers and the most dedicated growers, farmers and winemakers. We thank you all!

We wish it would have been a normal peaceful day when we celebrate this to the fullest but we can’t. Living Vino has been established by two Ukrainians and we can’t have a celebratory feast whilst there is such a devastating war happening. 

Instead, if you guys decide to join us for a meal or a drink, we’d pour you something cheerful here at Living Vino. If you stay put and simply order a delivery in, we’d add a small gift too. We really appreciate you being with us!

And if you feel so inclined to celebrate with us, please do a small donation to help Ukrainians in need. You can buy the stranded ones a meal – simply go to our website and buy anything and add a note ‘donation’. Or get involved In our upcoming Refugee Camp in mountainous Adjara, we are going to run a plantbased kitchen for refugees and we are still seeking some help with funding the ingredients; ask us about the bank account if you’d like to send a few GEL or more.

And thank you once again, with such amazing Team, and you guys, we are sure to be with you all for many years! Stay happy, healthy and have a very peaceful and exciting day!  

🙏🇺🇦❤️☮️  To any of our guests and customers: you can help too! Here are the many ways you can get involved:

Living Vino’s location is at 56 Lado Asatiani Street in Sololaki, Tbilisi ❤️. Leisurely, it will take you only 9 minutes to get to us from Liberty Square ☮️. We are open 12:00 noon until 10pm (with kitchen closing at 09:30pm) for lunch, dinner, drinks and bar appetizers 🌿

🛒 Fancy Delivery? Order direct at – we deliver to any address in Tbilisi.

For delivery apps: 

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