Living Vino is going to open in Ukraine

Living Vino Ukraine

We have had plans to open Living Vino in Ukraine for a full plant-based dining experience. The current war made our plans even more determined. We are working now to open Vegan Kitchen in Kyiv.


It will offer balanced plant-based meals for those who can pay and for those in need who can’t by donations and financial support. 

Living Vino Ukraine will help to create new supply chains with farms, villagers, small businesses. It will establish partnerships with International suppliers of vegan cooking essentials.


Ukrainians need quality nutrition solutions, in particular, plant-based diet, for peace & health and to pro-actively re-build businesses and lives. 


Living Vino brings vegan nutrition expertise, established by Ukrainians and being a successful Georgian business. We’ve pro-actively fundraised for Ukraine support so far. And we feel the need to continue offer plant-based food in Ukraine for those who work and can pay and for those who temporarily can’t and we can offer it for free. 


We are working hard to create a simple yet nutritionally powerful plant-based menu; we are progressing to secure a commercial kitchen. We start establishing partnerships and creating new supply chains.

We’ve got a dedicated team and expertise; we are ready to start this initiative, but resources are very limited. That’s why were are creating a separate fund that will allow us to feed people for free – those who need it the most!

Financial support would be much appreciated. But if you can offer support with the ingredients and suppliers, please assist us with this too!


We at Living Vino will be grateful for any help you can offer: help us with ingredients, with equipment, financially or with any other assistance possible.

Email us directly:

Send us a message via Instagram: @livingvinoukraine

We will appreciate any help with ingredients, equipment, suppliers and so on. Get in touch and get involved please!

If you feel that you can support our project financially, so we can offer free meals for those who need them most:

  • Donate, if you can, to Dmytro’s Ukrainian account:
  • or for Donations in USD: private transfer to UA 61 322001 00000 2620 4301 8553 79 (Swift code UNJSUAUKXXX)
  • Our account in Georgia (GEL): GE45TB7966945063400001
  • Paypal:
  • Something else? Please let us know

Support us via buying plant-based food. We at Living Vino Georgia have developed a very special ‘Ukrainian-Georgian Friendship’ Burger.

We’ve basically merged some of the iconic flavours from Georgia – lobio and coriander, and from Ukraine – beetroot, fried onions and dill, to bring you our take on a plant-based burger that symbolises a great friendship between Ukrainian and Georgian people 🇺🇦🇬🇪. 

Especially during the times of russian invasion, we all need to stand together and help each other ☮️. 

🙏 That is why Living Vino will direct all net profits of this vegan burger to our separate fund to open Living Vino Kitchen in Ukraine that will offer free plant-based meals who needs them most. Please do get involved!

🍔 Few words about our new burger though: we have created a special patty with beans, coriander, couscous, chickpeas, beetroot, oat flour and spices. It is very wholesome and delicious! We serve it with our potato burger bun, slice of tomato and lettuce, fried onions with dill, pickles and our own burger sauce. All 100% plant-based vegan, with maximum whole foods used! (no mushrooms, no seitan, no soy or tofu)

You can order our new vegan burger via our website directly here, or using delivery apps: