War in Ukraine: How Can You Help

Living Vino continues to make the best possible efforts to help Ukrainians: the army, refugees and Ukrainian tourists stuck in Georgia. In the times of a crisis of such magnitude, sanity is important, so if you simply want to talk, cry or have a friendly shoulder, we are here.

To any of our guests and customers: you can help too! Here are the many ways you can get involved:

  • Demand your government to support Ukraine with defence armour, jets to safeguard the civilians from bombardment and any way you feel fit.
  • We believe that most impact can be achieved by directly helping the army. We can send you the official support accounts of Ukrainian Army.
  • We collect donations here in Living Vino. Monetary ones are transferred on the same day. We have also received a lot of support from our partner winemakers: donated natural wines are being sold and the profits transferred.
  • You can sponsor meals for stranded Ukrainians (buy through livingvino.com and mark it as a DONATION).
  • Living Vino will be working together with our friends at Gomarduli Zen Garden to run Refugee Camp at their wonderful premises for 40-45 Ukrainian refugees. If you or your company would like to support this initiative, we all appreciate it very much. You can help us to fund the above mentioned Refugee Camp by direct donations at our restaurant – please see more information below.

Every contribution and help is very important now.

Please see the pledge for donations below:

Donation Request From Gomarduli Zen Garden team

We recognise the need to help Ukrainian refugees. We’ve decided to provide the housing, but we need your support to fund the food, utility bills and transfer expenses. Our retreat centre is located in Gomarduli Village, Adjara, Georgia and it can host 40 people.

Gomarduli Zen Garden is a yogic-meditative base among the hills, near the village Gomarduli

Retreat centre will provide 5 two-storey cottages with fireplaces. We have teamed up with a vegan restaurant Living Vino to provide healthy plant-based food.

We already have requests from the citizens of Ukraine.

We urgently are looking for your financial support. Gomarduli Zen Garden team is sure that any financial donation will help to make this happen. We will provide you with the financial report regarding the donated funds. We can send you our bank account details, please get involved!

Thank you in advance.