Foods to Help Boost Your Metabolism

Protein Bowl - how to boost your metabolism

Work from home could be so convenient, but it may mean we move even less than before. Sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help our waistline. So in our newest blog article we’d like to showcase how you can boost your metabolism with food. You can burn more calories with delicious plant-based meals. 

Plant-Based Proteins

Ultimately, start with adding protein to your meals. And the best advice here is to start eating it as early as you can. Popular blogger Tim Ferriss recommends consuming 30g of high quality protein during the first 30 minutes since you’re awake. This kickstarts your metabolism like nothing else. 

Well, we can’t scientifically prove or disprove this claim, but what we know from science is that proteins require your body to use more energy to digest them. Scientists call it the thermic effect of food. Research shows that protein-rich foods increase TEF the most. For example, they increase your metabolic rate by 15–30%, compared with 5–10% for carbs and 0–3% for fats. And of course protein helps us to feel fuller for longer, which means we do not overeat.

Best plant-based sources of protein are beans, seitan (wheat protein), tempeh, lentils, tofu and peas.  So basically, foods that help your gym workout are the ones that also help you burn fat.

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Fuel Your Metabolism with Iron & Selenium

Minerals can help us too. Iron and selenium are the two main ones that are required for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland, which regulates your metabolism.

Scientific research shows that a diet too low in iron or selenium may reduce your thyroid’s ability to produce sufficient amounts of hormones, which in effect slows down your metabolism.

Best plant-based sources of these minerals are legumes, nuts and seeds. Our Muscle Bowl, Falafel dishes and Detox Bowl are awesome to deliver you iron and selenium. 

Similarly, iodine is also helpful to boost our thyroid function, sp eating seaweed helps to have enough iodine. Check out our Seaweed Salad!

Hot Chilli Peppers

Do you like it hot? It helps if you do! Capsaicin, a chemical found in chilli peppers, may boost your metabolism by slightly increasing the rate at which your body burns calories.

In fact, a review of 20 research studies notes that capsaicin may help your body burn around 50 extra calories per day. Some studies report similar benefits with doses as low as 9–10 mg per day. This is equivalent to one jalapeño pepper.

We at Living Vino aren’t big on super spicy foods as they aren’t a good match to natural wines, but you can opt for our Detox Bowl, or find jalapeños in our Seitan Bowl and Falarrito or Seitanito wraps. 

Coffee and tea are also regarded as good ways to slightly boost your metabolism. 

Yet of course we’d like to note that eating these foods doesn’t compensate for overeating or consuming highly-processed foods that are devoid of nutrients. We encourage you to eat plant-based whole foods – high quality proteins, slow burning carbs and good fats. And in combination with your gym workout, these foods will do wonders for your waistline, stamina and muscles. Get enough high quality protein from plants!

Be healthy and happy!