Natural Wine Tasting Flights

‘Flower Power’ Wine Tasting Flight

Living Vino introduces Natural Wine Tasting Flights

ახალი! ცოცხალი ღვინო სადეგუსტაციო ღვინის სეტები / Новинка! Винные дегустационные сеты

We offer an opportunity to try a selection of wines (50 ml each) that were carefully selected by our wine expert to form a wine tasting flight.

Each flight of 4 wines is 25 GEL. Wine stories included!

We are also going to open bottles of natural wine that are not available by the glass. Don’t miss this opportunity to try our exciting Natural Wine Flights as follows:

‘Flower Power’

  • Chinuri Vaso Ramazashvili
  • Tsitska Tsolikouri Baia’s Wine
  • Rkatsiteli Rare
  • Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna Badimi

Light-Hearted Tannins

  • Aladasturi Rose Gvantsa’s Wine
  • Rose Blend by Tilisma
  • Muscat M7 – Peaceful Wine
  • Ojaleshi Badimi

Bigger, Stronger & Bolder Reds 

  • Saperavi Premium Zangaura
  • Otskhanuri Sapere Gvantsa’s Wine
  • Mukuzani Vardiashvili Family Wine
  • Saperavi Tilisma

Orange is a Colour of Happiness

  • Tsolikouri Khimshiashvili Cellar
  • Kisi Rare
  • Mtsvane M7 – Peaceful Wine
  • Tsolikouri Martivilis Marani

People’s Choice

  • Try 4 wines (white, rose, red and amber) that are current bestsellers!

Living Vino sells natural wines made without harmful additives. No nasties = No headaches. No allergies or wine intolerances. Just humble & delicious wines that are better for you. 

We pair our natural wines to healthy plant-based food. It helps to boost your immunity. Healthy nutrition and food safety are very important. Our food is kind, very tasty and good for you. We use organic and sustainable ingredients. 

We run our events, tasting sessions and wine school to offer a fuller experience, to invoke sensations of curiosity and appreciation. Being inspired, you become engaged to the world. It may fill you with a deeper meaning and, ultimately, you feel like a human, again and again. 

ღვინო დანამატების გარეშე ნაკლები თავისტკივილია.

დალევ სუფთა ყურძნის წვენს – თავის ტკივილს არ იწვევს!

Без вредных добавок в вине – без лишней головной боли.

Наслаждайтесь вкусными винами, которые лучше для вас!

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