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Welcome to Living Vino Natural Wine Tastings & Wine School to Invoke Curiosity & Appreciation.

About Living Vino Wine Courses

We offer a unique opportunity to learn more about wine at our wine school.

It is presented by the United Kingdom’s certified wine educator and done by the highest standards of International Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET).

Contact us today for our Beginner Wine course in wine (2 hours), and our Intermediate Wine course featuring 6 most popular Georgian and International grape varieties (2 hours).

Price: 99 GEL for the Beginner course and 210 GEL for Intermediate Level.

Beginner Wine Course

Here is what you will gain by attending a Beginner course:

  1. You will learn the basics about wine in a structured way: different styles of wine and what actually makes wine different.
  2. You will learn how to taste wine using a systematic approach.
  3. You will learn about most popular International grape varieties and would be able to match their flavour profiles to popular Georgian grape varieties.
  4. You will learn about organic, natural and biodynamic wines and how are they different.
  5. You will learn how to pair wine and food: we include some theory, a few rules and a lot of practical advice.

During our beginner course, you will taste two very typical Georgian grape varieties and be able to compose a tasting note. At the end of the course, you will taste a third more obscure Georgian grape variety and be able to distinguish and describe its aromas and flavours.

We welcome any questions.

All courses are delivered in English and on a strictly pre-payment basis. Bookings are required, book a spot at the next wine course now!

Next dates for a Beginner Wine Course:

sign up for updates to get to know the next dates, TBC

Booking required, prepayment at least 2 days in advance. Number of places is very limited as covid restrictions are in place.

Intermediate Wine Course

Intermediate wine course (featuring both International and Georgian grape varieties) expand on a systematic approach to wine tasting and include more grape varieties. These tasting classes will suit wine lovers who know already how wine is made and how it is different based on their various styles. You will learn more in-depth information about top grape varieties and be able to distinguish their flavour profiles easier. The courses also include wine and food matching guidelines. You will learn wine tasting on a deeper level. This level of knowledge will also help to enhance your wine appreciation.

Agenda for the Intermediate course:

  • more in-depth instruction on how to taste wine with a systematic approach
  • winemaking: key influencing factors 
  • how to understand wine labels
  • profiles of 6 most popular International & Georgian grape varieties
  • advice on storage and serving of wines

Next dates for an Intermediate Wine Courses: TBC

Booking required, prepayment at least 2 days in advance. Number of places is limited as covid restrictions are in place.

Contact us today with all your questions or to book the next spot.

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