Mindful Wednesdays at Living Vino this July

mindful wednesdays at Living Vino

After a first trial Mindful Wednesday, we have decided to make them regular this July. We provide the space to chill out and chat with people who eat mindfully. We also are delighted to offer a free welcome drink be it just a glass of mineral water, kombucha or natural wine). Come and share your thoughts with like-minded people….

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Mindful Eating & Drinking: How To Improve Our Life & Health

mindful drinking

The problem with mindlessness Mindless eating is a huge problem. It causes overeating and obesity, consumption of unhealthy processed junk foods, and ultimately results in many lifestyle diseases.  The fundamental problem for our lack of balance with regards to food and eating is that we’ve forgotten how to be present as we eat. We eat mindlessly.  We are busy…

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