Natural Wines

No Nasties in Wine = No Headaches For You! Welcome to our natural wine list full of delicious wines that are better for you. Expect no hangovers or headaches that are triggered by excessive sulphites and other nasties present in factory wines. We do not sell industrial wines.

Living Vino is proud to announce that we employ a professional wine expert and Sommelier, who holds WSET Diploma (Wines and Spirits Education Trust, United Kingdom). He is working hard to sample hundreds if not thousands of organic, biodynamic, no added sulphites and low intervention wines in order to create a truly stunning wine list for you. Visit our natural wine bar in Tbilisi, ask for recommendations and please enjoy!

Wine Delivery: Browse our natural wines in our online Shop & we deliver directly to any address in Tbilisi – see more details about our delivery service here, and contact us today to get 10% off! Also, many of our natural wines are available for delivery via Wolt or Glovo. Find Living Vino on the app and scroll to our Wines section.

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    • Badimi

    • Aladasturi 2019


      Aladasturi grapes were grown organically on a small family-owned vineyard. Unfiltered, no added sulphites, no additives or preservatives. Lighter-bodied, with delicate aromas of red berries, herbs and hints of spices. Balanced and refreshing. Red currant juice with a touch of bitterness, but oh-so-fresh and zingy!

    • Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna 2019


      Unfiltered, no added sulphites, no additives or preservatives. Medium-bodied, with intense aromas and flavors of stone fruit (peach and apricot), pear, citrus and hints of acacia and honey. Long finish, rich mouthfeel. Flower Power! Refreshing but round, exciting hipster wine!  

    • Ori Marani

    • "Nino" Brut Nature, Traditional


      Minimal intervention tradition sparkling wine, made of Tsitska, Chinuri and Goruli Mtsvane. Absolutely stunning, the best sparkling wine made in Georgia. Ultra limited stock.

    • PetNat "Definitely Maybe" NV


      Truly amazing PetNat by Ori Marani made of Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri and Reserve Perpetuelle. Think of citrus fruit freshness and juiciness of ripe pears. Did we say it is bubbly too? Yum!

    • Baia's Wine

    • Tsitska - Tsolikouri 2019


      fresh and vibrant dry white wine with floral and exotic fruit character

    • Tsitska - Tsolikouri - Krakuna 2019


      smoother and fuller-bodied dry white wine with floral, exotic fruit and quince aromatics and flavours

    • Gvantsa's Wine

    • Otskhanuri Sapere 2019


      young and vibrant dry red wine, high in colour and tannins, full of dark berry and fruit flavours

    • Aladasturi 2019


      lighter-bodied dry red wine with red currant and forest fruit flavours, refreshing and easy to drink

    • Aladasturi Rose 2019


      very pale in colour dry rose wine with a light and refreshing character, perfect as an aperitif or on a sunny day

    • Tsitska PetNat 2019


      delicious white sparkling wine, full of exotic fruit and citrus flavours, natural and vibrant

    • Otskhanuri Sapere Rose 2019


      young and vibrant dry rose wine, higher in colour, full of red berry fruit flavours

    • Khimshiashvili Cellar

    • Tsolikouri 2018


      fuller bodied Tsolikouri spent quality time in Kvevri, displays rich quince and floral aromas, smooth with lower acidity

    • Chkhaveri Rose 2017


      smooth and velvety dry rose wine with pronounced strawberry and red currant aromas, cloudy as totally unfiltered natural wine

    • Chito's Gvino

    • Saperavi 2019


      rich but all so round Saperavi bursting with dark fruits, sweet spice; carefully crafted, soft tannins and very soft mouthfeel

    • M7

    • Peaceful Muscat


      intensely perfumed dry red wine with lighter body and lots of grape and floral notes; uncomplicated and perfect served chilled

    • Demi's Winery

    • Tavkveri 2018


      lighter bodied red wine with ripe strawberry flavours and that je ne sais quoi touch of cloves

    • Do Re Mi

    • Mtsvane 2019


      dry white wine with noticeable apple and citrus flavours, harmonious and fuller in body

    • Tsitska - Mtsvane 2019


      very fresh and lively white wine that is playful with its exotic fruit and apple flavours

    • Saperavi 2019


      young and slightly untamed Saperavi with plenty of soft tannins, body and dark fruit flavours, slightly gritty on the palate

    • International Wines

    • Sauvignon Blanc 2019 De Martino, Casablanca Valley, Chile


      citrus, grassy, gooseberry, nettles and light grapefruit notes; good quality typical Sauvignon Blanc!

    • Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 De Martino, Maipo Valley, Chile


      medium-bodied, full of cassis and forest berries; hints of herbs and tobacco; balanced organic red wine

    • Monastrell 2018 Tarima Hill, Bodegas Volver, Alicante, Spain


      ripe fruit, raspberries and blueberries, spices, balsamic notes, well-integrated tannins, longer finish (14 months in oak)

    • Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Henri Bourgeois, Loire Valley, France


      very aromatic, floral and vivacious, good quality Sauvignon Blanc from Loire

    • Casa Diletta Brut, Prosecco di Treviso, Veneto, Italy


      a very interesting Prosecco di Treviso with notes of citrus, floral, green apple, peach and passion fruit, perfect for aperitif and light starters; Spumante sparkling wine made by methodo Charmat, off-dry but Brut

    • Valpolicella Classico 2019 Speri, DOC Veneto, Italy


      violets and cherries, a medium-bodied fruity red wine perfect for Mediterranean dishes

    • Pinot Nero 2017, Elena Walch, Alto Adige, Italy


      Pinot Noir in a fantastic execution of Elena Walch in the North of Italy with red berries, cherries, raspberries, white pepper; fresh, elegant with long finish

    • Gogushika

    • Rkatsiteli 2018


      made of organically grown Rkatsiteli grapes, no added sulphites and plenty of citrus, apple and floral aromas

    • Saperavi 2018


      made of organically grown Saperavi grapes, no added sulphites, this is a lighter bodied Saperavi, soft and juicy, notes of forest berries and sweet spice

    • Rare

    • Kisi 2018


      dry white wine from Kakheti with its typical citrus and floral character and freshness

    • Khikhvi 2018


      smooth dry white wine with medium acidity and aromas of herbs and quince

    • Kakhuri Mtsvane 2018


      smooth and fuller-bodied dry white wine with pronounced apple and spice aromatics and flavours

    • Rkatsiteli 2018


      refreshing dry white wine with citrus fruit, floral and quince notes

    • Otskhanuri Sapere 2018


      dark coloured, punchy and fleshy dry red wine with plenty of acidity, tannins and dark forest fruit and cherry flavours

    • Saperavi 2015


      matured Saperavi expresses softer dark fruit flavours, plenty of sweet spice and long finish

    • Zangaura

    • Kindzmarauli 2019


      semi-sweet natural red wine

    • Khikhvi 2019


      semi-sweet natural white wine

    • Saperavi Premium 2016


      rounder and softer style of Saperavi with its typical dark fruit, chocolate and sweet spice flavours

    • Saperavi Rose 2018


      semi-dry natural rose wine, bright pink in colour and full of straightforward strawberry flavours

    • Budeshurisebri Saperavi 2019


      semi-sweet natural red wine

    • Tanini

    • Rkatsiteli 2018


      juicy qvevri white wine with floral, citrus and quince aromas and flavours, very noticeable qvevri influence

    • Kisi 2018


      Typical amber wine that has a lot of qvevri character, lower in acidity but lots of secondary and tertiary flavours

    • Tavkveri 2017


      Cloudy natural red wine made of Tavkveri grapes. Bursting with red cherry and strawberry flavours with some hints of spice. Refreshing and perfect served chilled.

    • Barbale

    • Late Harvest Rkatsiteli


      Lusciously sweet white wine, very high-quality grapes and wonderfully pleasant aromas and flavours

    • Aleksandrouli Mudjuretuli 2018


      rich in dark cherry flavours with sweeter notes of sweet spice and damson

    • Saperavi Bolnisi 2017


      unique exceptional harvest Saperavi from Bolnisi, will delight you with freshness and complex structure

    • Saperavi Sababilo 2018


      soft and round Saperavi with dark fruit flavours and a touch of spice, truly warming mouthfeel

    • Rkatsiteli - Chinuri 2017


      a glorious blend that was matured in qvevri, elegant and full of citrus fruit and quince

    • Gotsa

    • Chinuri 2017


      a richer style of typically slightly more neutral dry white wine which is ideal for creamy starters and nutritious salads

    • Tsitska - Tsolikouri 2017


      a dry white wine with plenty of citrus fruit and floral aromas

    • Saperavi Rose 2017


      a juicy dry rose wine that is bursting with delicate red berry flavours which are perfect for warmer days and lighter dishes

    • Tavkveri 2017


      dry red wine with a lighter body, but very refreshing with red berry fruit flavours

    • Saperavi Reserve 2016


      a lighter style Saperavi, but full of delicate red and black fruit flavours and sweet spice. A very precise work of the winemaker, delicious!

    • Tavkveri PetNat


      sparkling wine at its best, this Pet Nat will be a great accompaniment for any special occasion. It is fruity, bubbly and delicate with red berry and strawberry flavours.

    • Nikalas Marani

    • Budeshuri Saperavi 2019


      sweet red and black fruit together with forest berries and sweeter spice; juice and easy-going red wine for those who like sweeter notes


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