Natural Wines

No Nasties in Wine = No Headaches For You! Welcome to our natural wine list full of delicious wines that are better for you. Expect no hangovers or headaches that are triggered by excessive sulphites and other nasties present in factory wines. We do not sell industrial wines.

Living Vino is proud to announce that we employ a professional wine expert and Sommelier, who holds WSET Diploma (Wines and Spirits Education Trust, United Kingdom). He is working hard to sample hundreds if not thousands of organic, biodynamic, no added sulphites and low intervention wines in order to create a truly stunning wine list for you. Visit our natural wine bar in Tbilisi, ask for recommendations and please enjoy!

Wine Delivery: Browse our natural wines in our online Shop & we deliver directly to any address in Tbilisi. Also, many of our natural wines are available for delivery via Wolt or Bolt Food and Glovo. Find Living Vino on the apps and scroll to our Wines section.

    • Badimi

    • Aladasturi 2021


      Organically grown grapes, no added sulphites, no additives or preservatives. Lighter-bodied, with delicate aromas of red berries, herbs and hints of spices. Balanced and refreshing. Red currant juice with a touch of bitterness, but oh-so-fresh and zingy!

    • Ojaleshi 2019


      deep purple but still lighter in body, this dry red wine bursts with raspberry & cherry flavours with white pepper hints

    • Otskhanuri Sapere Rose 2021 Badimi


      fruity dry rose with forest strawberry flavours; unfiltered, 0 added sulphites

    • Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna 2020


      Unfiltered, no added sulphites, no additives or preservatives. Medium-bodied, with intense aromas and flavors of stone fruit (peach and apricot), pear, citrus and hints of acacia and honey. Long finish, rich mouthfeel. Flower Power! Refreshing but round, exciting hipster wine!  

    • Baia's Wine

    • Krakhuna 2020


      Exciting dry white wine made exclusively from Krakhuna grapes. Expect vibrant character and a complex bouquet of aromas and flavours - from citrus, to floral and honeyed.

    • Tsitska 2020


      vibrant lime and pineapple aromas, very refreshing and playful

    • Gvantsa's Wine

    • Otskhanuri Sapere 2020


      young and vibrant dry red wine, high in colour and tannins, full of dark berry and fruit flavours

    • Tsitska PetNat 2020


      delicious white sparkling wine, full of exotic fruit and citrus flavours, natural and vibrant

    • Tilisma

    • Rkatsiteli Kakhuri Mtsvane 2021


      dry amber wine, fresh and juicy, soft and on a lighter side, perfect for summer

    • Saperavi Semi-Carbonic 2021


      semi-carbonic dry red wine, incredibly fresh, black berry flavours and a touch of sweet spice (Saperavi and Budeshuri Saperavi blend)

    • Saperavi, 2018


      incredibly deep, full-bodied and strong Saperavi, thick with dark fruit and sweet spice

    • Mukuzani Wine Cellar

    • Mukuzani, MWC


      arguably one of the best natural wines produced in Georgia

    • Pinot Noir, MWC


      fuller-bodied Pinot Noir made in Kakheti; juicy and complex

    • Rkatsiteli, MWC


      top-notch Rkatsiteli from an award-winning estate; classic amber wine

    • Tsinandali, MWC


      pure & clear, refreshing & floral, this is more of European style white wine made in Kakheti

    • Chito's Gvino

    • Rkatsiteli 2020


      bonbon-scented with orange marmalade hints, a very delicious amber Rkatsiteli

    • Rkatsiteli Mtsvane 2020


      amber wine made naturally, complex bouquet of stone fruit, floral notes, hints of marmalade and orange peel

    • Saperavi 2021


      rich but all so round Saperavi bursting with dark fruits, sweet spice; carefully crafted, soft tannins and very soft mouthfeel

    • Vardiashvili Family Wine

    • Mukuzani, 2020


      deep purple in colour, with blackberries and pungent vanilla aromas, kind of Georgian Rioja perhaps?

    • Rkatsiteli, 2019


      dry amber wine, very typical Kakhetian Rkatsiteli, softer style and balanced

    • M7 - Peaceful Wines

    • Khikhvi


      Kakhetian gem of a grape with rich & complex bouquet of peaches, apricots, floral notes and hay

    • Mtsvane


      apple explosion, citrussy fresh and with some stone fruit smoothness

    • Muscat


      intensely perfumed dry red wine with lighter body and lots of grape, rose, rose hip and floral notes; perfect sunshine wine, served chilled

    • Rach Valley Marani

    • Rachuli Mtsvane


      fresh white wine bursting with citrus and green apple flavours

    • Berika

    • Kisi


      typical amber Kisi from Kakheti; on a stronger side

    • Mtsvane 2021


      soft and round, this low-in-acidity Mtsvane will delight with pear flavours and citrus aromas

    • Saperavi 2021


      delicious medium-bodied natural red wine with dark berry flavours and a touch of spice

    • Martivilis Marani

    • Krakhuna


      very complex amber wine with herbal aromas, citrus freshness and a floral touch

    • Tsolikouri


      amber Tsolikouri from Imereti, 6 months maturation, expect fuller body and richer flavours

    • Vaso Ramazashvili

    • Pinot Noir 2019


      Georgian Pinot Noir! Expect typical aromas of red fruit, forest berries and notes of forest floor; lighter bodied, fresh and lower in tannins. Highly recommended to try!

    • The Garden Winery

    • Naked Chinuri


      very light bodied, but unfiltered natural white wine with just 10.5% abv; light and fresh

    • Makaridze

    • Tsitska, Makaridze, Imereti


      vibrant and playful natural white wine, with exotic fruit aromas; crisp acidity

    • Zangaura

    • Kindzmarauli 2019


      semi-sweet natural red wine

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