Happy New Year!

Happy Festive Season! Let’s be joyful, give thoughtful gifts, eat delicious food and drink amazing natural wines. Let’s be energized with our hopes and wishes for the new 2022 year.

May we at Living Vino help you with gifts, wines or food?

Living Vino offers an exciting menu that you can pre-order and have your festivities every day if you wish so. For larger orders please contact us in advance so we would be able to cook a storm for you on time.

We offer tasty appetizers, and party-pleasing dishes like Seitan Schnitzel with Tropical Salsa, UnChicken Satsivi, a traditional Georgian festive dish, Vegan Bourguignon (French stew that is served with mashed potato and a rich red wine gravy) and our show-stopping Vegan Wellington (dish for 1 or 2) served with roasted vegetables. Our generous portions guarantee festive mood, lots of goodness from veggies & plenty of protein. 

May we suggest some delicious natural wines?

At our natural wine bar & wine shop you can find a selection of delicious wines that are made without nasties or excessive sulphites. 

You can order them here on our website (we deliver anywhere in Tbilisi, free for orders over 100GEL). We’ve also created a few pre-mixed wine sets for your convenience.

Alternatively, you can still find some of the dishes and natural wines on Bolt Food app or Wolt. Happy holidays & thanks a lot!

Would you like a gift box for your wines? Your wines could be very nicely packaged in a special box for 3-4 bottles and sent as a gift! Just let us know please.

We also recommend the following natural wine selections that would complement your festive dinner well:

Natural Red Wines:

Natural White Wines:

For the dessert we suggest chocolate brownies or our already so popular carrot cake; we recommend pairing it with a semi-sweet Kindzmarauli. But for all the toasts, get togethers and festivities, opt for our natural sparkling wine – PetNat. We’ve got an amazing Petillant Naturel for you.

Say safe! Be healthy! Eat for your immunity & health.

Merry Xmas. Happy holidays! Have a very Happy New Year!

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