Provenance of Food and Wine

high quality farmers produce

(in English / по-русски ниже) In this short blog article, we would like to discuss such an important thing as the provenance of food and wine. And by provenance, we mean the whole chain of events that happened before it appeared on our tables. Provenance describes how our food was grown, processed, marketed, transported, distributed and sold to all…

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Wine School: What is Qvevri or Kvevri?

decorative qvevri at Baia's Wine

What is Qvevri and what does it do to wine? Wines made from qvevri are becoming more mainstream and in demand all over the world. They offer a very unique tradition that dates back centuries from the country of Georgia. But what exactly is qvevri and why does it produce wine in the way that it does? What is…

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Let’s Cook: Hummus

hummus recipe on Living Vino blog

(in English / по-русски ниже) Hummus is incredible both in terms of flavour, versatility and nutritional value of course.  Nutritional value of hummus It is packed with beneficial nutrients and provides 8 grams of protein per 100 g serving. Out of 14 g of carbs, you get 6 grams of fibre. Being a slightly processed, as you need a…

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Baia’s & Gvantsa’s Wine: passionate winemakers from Imereti

house of Gvantsa and Baia Wines

Baia’s and Gvantsa’s Wine A small village Obcha, in the Imereti region of Georgia, hosts winery and the vineyards that are called Baia’s Wine. Multiple-award winning wines are made here. Baia is a sister of Gvantsa and they, together with their brother who doesn’t have his brand of wine yet though, make amazing natural wines.  Dimitri, our wine guy,…

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Healthy Nutrition: how to nurture your body and mind

plant-based nutrition at Living Vino

(in English и потом по-русски) Issues with nutrition Obesity, poor health and immune system, bad sleep and anxiety, but also violence – these are all some of the issues that we as individuals, families and society face today. Majority of our current lifestyle diseases are triggered by bad nutrition. The main enemies are white flour, refined sugar and ultra-processed…

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